SAM_1975-001.JPGMichael Vito Tosto is an atheist writer, poet, essayist, musician, and philosopher. A practicing Christian for seventeen years, he is now a vocal atheist who lends his voice to the ongoing dismantling of Christianity in the world today. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree and has spent the last ten years researching and writing about the evolution of humanity’s theological and existential consciousness, having published five books thus far, as well as 50+ articles and essays.

A voracious reader, an avid fan of baseball and the films of the 1940s and 50s, and a self-proclaimed polymath, his other interests and pursuits include cooking, hiking, traveling, gaming, music production, photography, script writing, art, sociology, anthropology, geology, and all other Earth sciences.

He lives in Saint Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Valerie.

His main website can be found here.